You Have The Right To Reasonable Bail. Exercise It!

In the whirlwind of events that follow an arrest, it can be hard if not impossible to know your rights and effectively exercise them.

This is especially true when it comes to the amount of your loved one's bail. Too many people are eager to get on with their cases and initially agree to bail that turns out to be far too expensive or that imposes unreasonable conditions on their freedom during criminal proceedings. In worst-case situations, this can arise to a violation of the constitutional right to reasonable bail.

The Law Office of Thomas J. Lochry, P.C., will fight to ensure that your loved one has bail that is reasonable in light of the charges he or she faces. With decades of combined experience in Texas criminal law and a reputation for results, the firm's attorneys can help you and your loved one when it matters most.

Learn If Your Loved One Might Be Eligible For Reduced Jail Bond

It is important to have a qualified defense lawyer represent you if you think your loved one's bail bond is too high because in order to have it reduced, you must request a bail reduction hearing before a judge.

The firm's attorneys will work to show that a bail reduction is appropriate if your loved one:

  • Would not be considered a flight risk
  • Has ties to the community
  • Is not a public danger
  • Does not have the financial resources to pay the bond amount

Moreover, if your loved one was denied bail, it is possible to request a hearing to have that decision reviewed. There are only certain situations where it is appropriate to deny bail completely, and if the conditions of your loved one's case do not meet those requirements, it may be possible to get bail.

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