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Family or Domestic Violence

Jack Evans Police Station

Jack Evans Police Station

Dallas Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

What most people do not understand about domestic violence is that when a 911 call is made to break up an argument, someone is going to jail. The next domestic violence crime can result in an automatic life sentence.

At Thomas J. Lochry, P.C., we know that domestic abuse is now a fact of life in the big cities. What many of our clients don't seem to know is that the collateral consequences of a domestic violence conviction are devastating. You can receive a protective order to keep you away from your own home for months. You can be banned from hunting or owning firearms for the rest of your adult life - on a misdemeanor. Most of all, the second domestic violence charge with this or any other person can result in a felony charge for which you could be sent to prison. Contact our Dallas domestic violence attorney today if you face assault charges.

It is a common misconception that the plaintiff dropping charges serves as an automatic antidote to a domestic violence case. If the State of Texas picks up the charge, it is no longer between Jane Doe v. John Doe, but it is the State of Texas v. John Doe, and the case can be prosecuted to conviction. The State of Texas seldom allows a family violence charge to go without criminal consequences.

Domestic violence doesn't always have to involve a spouse. Even in a dating relationship or roommate situation, a person can file family violence charges against you - and as late as two years after the alleged incident occurred.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, you must take it seriously. Contact our Texas family violence lawyer for a free consultation.

Thomas J. Lochry, P.C., serves clients throughout the State of Texas, including but not limited to residents in the DFW Metroplex area and the surrounding counties of Dallas, Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall and Tarrant.