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More Than 35 Years Fighting For Clients In The Metroplex

Nothing is more important than your rights and freedom — especially when they're at risk following an arrest and filing of criminal charges. Your lawyer should have the experience to fight charges from every angle, think creatively for strategies to resolve your case quickly, and be willing and able to take a case to trial whenever necessary.

Learn why clients throughout Dallas and the Metroplex choose attorney Thomas Lochry to handle their criminal defense needs in Texas:

  • He'll tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. When you're looking at fines, and even more so when you're looking at long jail sentences, you deserve better than to have your case sugarcoated. At our firm, you'll know you're getting an honest and straightforward assessment of your case ... and an experienced attorney ready to keep you from facing the worst from criminal charges.
  • He has helped clients at the grand jury stage, through negotiations with prosecutors and at jury trials. It's good to help a client by getting an acquittal at trial. It's even better if you can avoid charges altogether at the grand jury stage. Thomas Lochry works to get clients beyond their arrest as quickly as possible, and will look for every opportunity to resolve a case before it gets to the point of a jury trial and if necessary resolve a case through a favorable plea bargain or reduced charge.
  • Wherever you are in the criminal justice process, he can find a way to help. People benefit from experienced legal help beyond straightforward criminal charges. People may need representation before a grand jury, or need a bond reduced so they can get out of jail pending trial. Others may need an aggressive advocate when they've been accused of violating probation, while many others can benefit from expunctions of criminal records. Our firm handles all these cases because we are passionate about helping people live their lives free from fear of the criminal justice system.

Mr. Lochry earned his Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University and has been practicing in the Metroplex for more than 35 years. He is also certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Click the link below to learn more about his professional background and see the team available to assist you in your representation.

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