Know The Collateral Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

If you're up against assault family violence charges in Texas, the criminal penalties you face are only half the story.

Equally serious are the collateral consequences you face — ones that could impact your career, your pocketbook and your most important constitutional rights. The Law Office of Thomas J. Lochry, P.C., is here to inform you of the risks of facing the legal system without experienced, committed representation, and to help you avoid what could be a devastating outcome in your case.

Here's a sampling of how a domestic violence conviction in Texas can affect you:

  • Your rights as a parent are at stake. If you have children with your accuser and a court grants a protective order, you could lose custody and visitation rights for your children. What's more, you could be ordered to pay child support for as long as your parental rights are affected.
  • You could be in for a serious financial hit. You could be forced to give up the home you share with your accuser, and even required to pay spousal maintenance. You could also be required to give up a vehicle and other property, resulting in additional financial losses.
  • You could lose your constitutional rights to own a gun. Courts can require people convicted of assault family violence to give up guns and other otherwise-legal firearms.
  • Your career could be in jeopardy. With a criminal record, you could find it harder to get employment. Moreover, if you are a licensed professional, your credentials could be in danger because of a domestic violence conviction.
  • If you already have an assault family violence conviction, the penalties might be exponentially worse. Regardless of how serious, a second conviction is considered a felony, which means longer jail sentences and a longer path to restoring your reputation.
  • You could be forced to attend mandatory programs designed for abusers. Texas' Battering Intervention and Prevention Program can impose a significant time and cost burden on top of everything else you face.

Get legal help to avoid these and the serious criminal consequences of a domestic violence conviction. Contact the firm's Dallas offices by email or call 214-748-6041 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.